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Gregory Geitner was born in Englewood NJ and raised in Ridgewood NJ.
Graduated Don Bosco Prep 1981
Duquesne Univ. 1981-1983
Worked for a masonry co. 84&85
Backpacked thru Europe for 7 1/2 months in 1986
Graduated the Center for the Media Arts in 1987
Worked as a video editor and engineer in 1988+89
In 1989 moved to California starting a Company that built and designed Brewing systems. Over the next 12 years I installed about 100 brewing systems
throughout the country.
In 2001 I returned to NJ and started working for various contractors building homes and doing additions, eventually working for myself.
In 2004 I married my wife Joyce Byrne in Hawaii. Believe it or not we are still married, she hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet
In 2018 I graduated from Inspection 21, passed my national test and was licensed in Nov. of 2018

Message from Gregg, the owner and principle home inspector

For the last thirty years I have worked on construction projects of all sizes. For twelve years I installed over 100 brewing systems throughout this great country. One of my favorite things about this was being able to work with and learn from a great number of tradesmen and technicians all over the United States. This job provided invaluable experience in engineering, installation and the application of all aspects of commercial and residential building construction.

After growing tired of the constant travel I returned home to New Jersey and concentrated on residential construction. Working for several contractors, a handyman co. and eventually myself, I have worked on many renovations, add-a levels and the building of complete homes. All of this experience has given me an excellent foundation to be able to evaluate homes for my clients.

For most people buying a home is the largest and scariest purchase they will ever make. It is my building experience and honesty that make my clients confident that they are making a decision based on an accurate evaluation. Let’s have a look!