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Top 5 Tips to Pass a Home Inspection

Anyone selling a property should have an open mind that a home inspector is likely to side with a buyer more than they would side with you. The main secret to passing a home inspection when selling a property is building a good impression on the mind the inspector. A happy inspector is likely to give your home some good rating and this makes it stand out from the rest of the properties available for sale. You can do so many things to build trust with the inspector. This article looks at five major tips to pass a home inspection.

  1. Display Honesty

Honesty is key to building trust with a home inspector. Prior to conducting an inspection, inspectors usually ask several questions about the condition of some key features and areas in the home. It is wise that you be as much honest when answering those questions as possible. It would really look bad on your reputation to lie about something then the inspector finds out that you did lie. Tell the truth about everything they ask because they will find out the truth anyways. At times, the issue lie about could be very petty but upon finding out the truth, they could magnify the problem, scaring away potential buyers.

  1. Grant Unlimited Access

Another way to build trust with the inspector is to let them have full access to every corner of the property. With this in mind, leave every door of each room wide open so that the inspector moves around the house freely. In addition, ensure that there are no items blocking the main entrances to every room. You should also ensure that the doors are opening with a lot of ease. Failure to do this will make the inspector feel like you are hiding something in the house whereas there could be nothing at all. It could also make them want to conduct intensive inspection and it is likely more petty issues will be discovered.

  1. Move Away

A buyer feels confident with the property if the inspector answers all necessary questions they have in mind concerning the property. A buyer who has unanswered questions may be hesitant to close the purchase deal and may even back out of the deal. Since you want them to close the deal as fast as possible, give the buyer the chance to ask all the right questions comfortably. Your presence or that of your kids and pets may cause the buyer to shy away from asking questions.

Your presence during the inspection may also make the inspector and the buyer feel like limiting their access because there is something you are hiding, even when it is not there. This will affect negatively on your rating. So, consider making the process easier and fast by moving away for lunch maybe, and carry your kids and pets with you until the inspection is done.

  1. Maintenance Documentation

Prior to the inspection, it is important that you try to identify possible problems with the house and have the issues fixed. It is advisable that you keep receipts and every type of documentation that involve recent repairs and maintenance done to the home. Also, keep documentation of insurance that you have recently paid for the house. During the inspection, it is wise to disclose all the issues the house had and assure the inspector that they were fixed, and produce the documentation as proof of the repairs. This will make the inspection work easier and faster for the inspector. It will also build trust in the inspector and they will give you some good rating in their report.

  1. Repairs and Maintenance

Before the inspector comes to conduct the inspection, it is important to have a local contractor do some assessment and fix possible issues with the house. The main areas of concern to the inspector are the roof, the bathroom, kitchen, power, gas and water systems and most importantly have the HVAC checked. Replace all the burned bulbs and turn them on during the exercise. This will make the inspector’s work easier and it is likely they will rate you positively.

It is important to bear in mind that trying to compel the inspector to give high scores in their report could in fact affect you negatively. Do everything that could make the inspector give you some good rating, without appearing as if you are forcing since this will make them feel like you are hiding some issues about the house.

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