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What Do Experts Look for When Doing a Home Inspection?

Before you call in the experts to embark on a home inspection exercise, it is important that you note down a checklist for the things to look out for during the process. This will help you ensure that nothing is left to chance during the process. Nevertheless, if you are working with the right person, this is not necessary, as they will most likely pay attention to every factor. This article looks at the main things that experts look for when doing a home inspection.

  • HVAC Systems

This simply stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These are very vital factors to look out for when conducting a home inspection. Apart from the roof and the foundation, these are the next most important features of a house, those that one cannot do without, in one way or another. Take for example a house located in very cold regions; occupants of such a house cannot live without a heater in the house. In a house in the hot zones, on the other hand, occupants cannot live without an air conditioning system. If these systems are properly functioning, such a house can be termed as having passed a home inspection.

  • The Roof

Roofing is the second most expensive parts of the house. It takes the most beating when protecting occupants from the wrath of Mother Nature. It should therefore be accorded the maximum attention it really deserves. This is because missing just a small issue with the roof could lead to great issues in the end such as the whole roof caving in. Such a case could end up being quite expensive to handle. It is thus crucial to have your home inspector check out the roof to ensure it is properly functioning. Your inspectors should lookout for termites and carpenter ants that could be eating up the roofing wood. In addition, he/she should look out for possible leakage if the roofing tiles are not properly flashed.

  • Foundation

The foundation is the basic and most important part of the house because it carries the whole weight of the house. If not properly checked, the house could come crumbling down. Let your home inspector check to see if the foundation has any wood eating insects such as termites and carpenter ants that could be damaging the wood. They should also check if the foundation is compact enough to carry the weight of the house.

  • Flooring

The floor is checked to see if the flooring material is in good condition or not, and whether the flooring tiles have damaged grout lines. If they have issues, this could damage to the flooring itself as well as acting as a safe breeding ground for mold and mildew. In addition, check for uneven leveling on the floor and the presence of broken tiles since these are the main causes of uneven flooring.

  • Noxious Gases

During a home inspection exercise, your inspector tests for the presence of noxious gases such as radon. A home inspector can have a gas expert do the tests if they do not know how to conduct them at just a small fee. The main reason for noxious gases test is to ensure that there is no presence of deadly gases like radon, which is the second leading cause for lung cancer in the United States, and number one cause for lung cancer among non-smokers, claiming about 21000 lives per single year. Before this test is done, the house should be in a closed mode for 24 hours. Presence of other gases could indicate faulty piping systems.

  • Electricity and Water Systems

With power and electricity, your inspector checks to see if the connections are done in the right safety procedures laid down by the department of housing, and that they are following the right routes. In addition, they check if the lighting systems, wires, switches, bulbs and sockets are working properly. This is because electricity that has faults in connections could lead to burning of the whole property. Similarly, they check if water connections are done properly and at the right places. They also check for leaking pipes and taps. These could damage the drywall and cause mold and mildew growth in the house.

A home inspection is something that the real estate association takes very seriously. It is therefore the responsibility of both the homebuyer and seller to ensure that the home inspector is qualified and has certification from the department of housing. This is because ineffective home inspection could lead to serious problems such as fires and gas leaks and this would cost so many lives.

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